Implementation Services

Save time, reduce workload, and stay focused on what matters most by letting our experts handle the heavy lifting for you.

With Wisp, in-house, full implementation is a standard part of our process so you can remain focused on your role and responsibilities.

When thinking about implementing a software-as-a-service solution, most organizations haven't considered who on their team will be tasked with the implementation workload. With Wisp, you don't have to decide because we'll do all the heavy lifting for you!

We've seen other space management companies struggle to implement their own CAFM and IWMS systems, often requiring third parties or taking years to complete. We built our own system and understand it better than anyone, no third parties are required. We provide an easy, streamlined process from start to finish ensuring best practices and making implementation easy and efficient.

Get up-and-running faster with Wisp and our experienced implementation team.

Onboarding and Platform Configuration

Our onboarding process is uniquely tailored to each client’s needs, orienting users to the Wisp application and the complimenting professional services we provide.  During implementation, your dedicated team will dive deeper into the platform configuration, aligning with your business processes and workflows including the move, add, change process.

Our thoughtful, yet systematic approach, creates a holistic and efficient process that provides an industry leading experience and gets you up and running quickly!

Drawing Standardization and Polylining

Floor plans lie at the core of Wisp for accurate square footage metrics, space inventory, seating capacities and more. Our expert CAD team applies a consistent drawing methodology while completing two levels of quality assurance for consistent layering, labeling, space identification, and room numbering. This level of care provides you and your team with confidence that every floor plan is accurate and complete from the beginning.

As our partnership continues to grow and your physical space changes, we’ll provide ongoing services to maintain accurate drawings for continued data driven decision making into the future.



Training and Rollout

Whether it’s a phased roll out or all in, we’ll work with your team to meet your goals. Our trainings are led by your dedicated Client Success Manager and includes in person, virtual, and train-the-trainer methods. Once you’re live, our advisory and support team remains a go-to resource for any questions and additional training.

Database Development Services

Ensuring you have clean data from the start is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish your space management goals. For the initial data load, our team will take your source file to clean, organize, map, standardize, and import the data. We then provide ongoing service for one-time bulk updates, automated and scripted processes, highly visual dashboards and more.

Project Management

Let us take the guess work out of the implementation process for you with our experience and expertise. We bring confidence to the process with a dedicated team as your partner who will create a tailored project plan for your organization, lead progress meetings, and provide meeting minutes after each minutes—keeping your software implementation organized and on-schedule.

Post Implementation Services

After implementation is complete, we continue our long-lasting partnership with you and your organization. As a result, accessible expert resources are on hand for you and your team providing institutional knowledge of the software system, support for floor plan drawing maintenance, and data accuracy to make data-driven decisions; all while ensuring you get the most out of Wisp.

Our experienced team delivers the fastest implementation.

We provide all the heavy lifting to configure Wisp with our space management experts advising and consulting along the way ensuring your data is clean, accurate, and ready to use from the beginning. We'll also standardize and polyline the drawings to BOMA standards, develop a training and rollout strategy, and provide training for your users with the following key roles:

Onboarding Coordinator

Onboarding Coordinator

Oversees meeting agendas, project, timeline, and team communications.

Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager

Provides consultation and best practices to align business needs with Wisp configuration and rollout.

Technical Data Specialist

Technical Data Specialist

Provides data cleaning, analysis and monitoring to deliver data consistency.

CAD Coordinator

CAD Coordinator

Oversees the polylining, space standard accuracy, quality assurance, and drawing production.

Implementation Timeline

Our dedicated Wisp implementation team leads clients through a streamlined onboarding experience. We have an approach that brings together the right team, data, and processes to set our clients up for success. With each new client, our goal is to provide a swift and complete onboarding so our clients can leverage their data for critical real estate decisions. 

Getting started is easy.

Schedule a discovery call with our space management experts and they'll take it from there by creating a partnership from the first meeting.