Case Studies

A Five-Day Implementation

Confidential Legal Firm

Wisp was implemented in just five days to allow the client to plan the seating chart of its new 100,000 square foot headquarters.

The client had historically been using Visio and PDFs to display their floor plans and seating charts. They were challenged with maintaining the accuracy of the drawings and seating availability. Their need for strategic planning spurred a search for a nimble solution that could meet their unique organizational needs and included full implementation in a short time frame.

Upon selecting Wisp, the client’s immediate need was planning their move to a new headquarters. Our experienced implementation team was able to configure the client’s account in just five business days to meet their goals. They loaded 108,000 square feet, spanning five floors, and configured Wisp to integrate with their human resources software to automatically exchange data and maintain accurate headcounts and employee details needed for planning.

The five-day implementation included a full system configuration, standardizing and loading floor plans, establishment of data feeds, and accommodation of the client’s unique data security requirements and space types specific to their organization. Our team worked closely with the client on a daily basis throughout the process.

Upon completion, the client had the move management tools needed to plan final seating charts and transition employees into the new workplace on time. Over the next few weeks, our team onboarded the remainder of their locations, totally 973,329 square feet, for complete space management of their portfolio.

Today, the client benefits from a holistic view of their space metrics and can drill down to individual spaces for customized reporting. Through SSO, the whole organization benefits from Wisp though access to wayfinding and directory searches.

Our client advisory team maintains weekly communication with the client to support their needs. As changes are made to their floor plans, their drawings are kept up-to-date by our CAD technicians so they can be confident they always working with the latest information.

Services provided

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Floor Plans
    • Standardization
    • Ongoing Management
    • Polylining
  • Wisp Implementation
  • Move Management Planning
  • Wayfinding
  • Ongoing Advisory Services
square feet currently in Wisp
square feet implemented in 5 days