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Efficient Implementation Drives Return to Office Strategy

Non-Profit Professional Union
United States
Return to Office

The Demand

With increased employee headcount at their corporate headquarters, this professional non-profit union sought to create a flexible workplace model and reservation system for their entire building in support of their overarching return to office initiative.

The Solution

The Wisp onboarding and client success team provided a full implementation and training to the client in six weeks—two weeks ahead of schedule for the official return to office. In addition to full training, the QR codes for desk and office reservations were printed and tested prior to the employees returning to ensure a successful transition when leadership was ready to re-open the doors.

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Wisp was implemented two weeks ahead of schedule to support the client’s return to office strategy and flexible workplace model for their 70,000 square foot building.

As the client shifted back to office, they faced a new challenge – supporting the increased headcount while creating a flexible workplace model that would allow employees to reserve work points on an ongoing basis.

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“Our upcoming return to office was dependent on getting Wisp up and running as quick as possible. We want to be in the position to be ready whenever the other teams are ready to open the office.” – Information Systems Director, Confidential Client

Upon selecting Wisp, the client’s immediate need was implementing desk and office reservations with QR codes to launch their full return to office initiative. Our dedicated onboarding and client success team standardized their floor plans and tackled the upfront configurations while continuing to meet weekly with the client to ensure the implementation was on target. Each floor plan was standardized with drawing standards, space numbering and identifying each space type to support both dedicated and flexible workstyle arrangement for each employee. Neighborhoods were setup and employees were allocated to either their dedicated seat or their flex neighborhood. The desk reservation and wayfinding features were setup and configured with QR codes for ease of use for when employees return. With an initial implementation target of 6-8 weeks, the Wisp onboarding team was dedicated to ensuring the client was set up for success with the return to office date set.

Parallel Paths to Success

With their implementation of Wisp space management and desk reservations, the key to success was a collaborative process with the Wisp onboarding and client success team and the client. For each onboarding session to be effective, both teams came prepared with necessary information to configure Wisp to their needs. The dedicated Wisp onboarding specialist sent an agenda prior to each weekly touch base to ensure that all parties were prepared for the week’s objectives. The collaboration between the teams guaranteed full implementation two weeks ahead of the targeted date.

Upon completion of onboarding, the client had the reservation system needed to plan for their entire return to office strategy. As part of their shift to a hybrid environment, employees were given the option to keep their dedicated seat if they came into the office at least one day a week or take part in the flexible arrangement where seats were reserved in advance or the day of being in the office. At the start of their reopening of the office, 40% of the employees opted to keep their assigned seat and come in at least once a week, while 60% opted to transition to the flex environment. As employees who opted for flexible seating arrived at the office, there were QR codes available at all work points to easily reserve and check into their space for the day. The wayfinding feature of Wisp also provided staff with transparency on who was in the office on any given day.

The Wisp client success team maintains monthly communication with the client to support and advise on best practices with Wisp, while any ongoing floor plan updates are maintained by our CAD technicians to ensure floor plans continue to stay up to date and accurate for employees reserving a desk or wayfinding colleagues.

Services provided

  • Space Management
  • Desk Reservations
  • Reserve On Behalf Of
  • QR Code Check-Ins
  • Automated Data Import
  • Single Sign-On
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