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The Future of Work

Return to Office Hybrid Workplace

The future of work is hybrid and understanding how to navigate and support the new hybrid workplace realities will be imperative to the continued growth and efficiency of the workplace. While the journey back to the office is just the beginning for some organizations and far underway for others, the continued evolution of the hybrid workplace presents new questions, behaviors and opportunities. It’s with these ideations in mind, we spoke to a group of workplace strategy, real estate, and facilities leaders to learn about their different hybrid work models and understand how they have navigated the various stages of adoption, enticing workers to return to the office, and ensuring their key stakeholders’ success in the hybrid world. Based on these conversations and findings from the Gensler Research Institute, we’ve developed and outlined phases, tools, considerations and methodologies to assist organizations with the future of hybrid work to ensure success of implementation and beyond as the workplace continues to evolve.