Return-to-Office Planning Toolkit

Enhance safety, collaboration, and flexibility with a hybrid model that's right-sized for your business.

Are your workplace space needs evolving?

Many companies are finding that their space needs have changed and are adopting a hybrid workplace model that offers the flexibility of remote work, paired with the ability to forge culture, collaboration, and connections within the office. We'll help you inform a return-to-office strategy and implement the technology needed to enable its success.

How do I plan physical distancing in my office?

How do I plan physical distancing in my office?

Our capacity planning tool will quickly generate optimized scenarios based on your physical distancing requirements.

How do I manage and plan occupancy?

How do I manage and plan occupancy?

With Wisp, you can create unlimited planning scenarios for dedicated, unassigned or hybrid workplaces.

What do my employees want?

What do my employees want?

Our surveys allow you to easily gather feedback from workers to inform your workplace plans.

What is the future of the workplace?

What is the future of the workplace?

Our global team of consultants is ready to help your organization adapt to a new normal and plan for the future. 

Our human-centric toolkit is designed to enable a hybrid workplace.

1. Optimize Physical Distancing with ReRun

  • Quickly generate multiple distance scenarios with existing furniture plans
  • Evaluate the impact of distancing on capacity and density
  • Gain key insights and considerations from a Gensler design professional
  • Maximize occupancy by using flex spaces
Watch the video: ReRun

2. Plan and Assign Seating Scenarios

  • Assign seats to departments, neighborhoods or individuals
  • Create colorized planning scenarios to visualize phases by department or person
  • Plan and manage short term occupancy
Watch the video: Blocking and Seating Scenarios

3. Enhance Wayfinding with Digital Icons

  • Depict life safety, signage and wayfinding, sanitation, PPE stations, open/closed areas
  • Wayfinding arrows depict one-way paths of travel
  • Display modified conference room capacity
Watch the video: Drag and Drop Icons

4. Conduct Employee Feedback Surveys

  • Gather feedback on the experience of working from home
  • Understand employees’ expectations upon returning to the office.
  • Inform change management and changes to extended work from home policies

Learn about Gensler’s work from home survey

5. Support Contact Tracing

  • Track where individuals have been assigned in the office and identify proximity to others
  • Layer badge data to determine who is in the office each day
  • Identify individuals assigned to neighborhoods and areas of the floor.

6. Manage Desk Reservations and Check-Ins

  • Enable desk booking and check-ins
  • Manage hoteling and hot desking
  • Make it easy for workers to reserve desks together

Learn about desk check-ins and desk reservations

7. Foster Collaboration with Wayfinding

  • Search for a worker or space by name
  • Locate individuals on an interactive floor plan
  • See where assigned or mobile workers are sitting for the day

Learn about wayfinding

8. Maintain Seating Plans as Density Increases

  • Plan to accommodate new hires and manage daily moves
  • Report on space metrics, including density and vacancy
  • Prepare for consolidation or growth of your portfolio

Learn about space management

The Workplace Still Matters

Our global team of consultants and strategists is ready to help your organization recover, adapt to the new normal, and plan for the future. We blend proven research, tools and methodology with the innovation that comes from design thinking to deliver meaningful change and lasting results.

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