Scalable, tiered pricing to meet your needs.

Wisp helps companies manage workplace portfolios ranging from tens of thousands to millions of square feet. That’s why we offer scalable, tiered pricing based on each client’s individual needs.

Starting Costs:

Wisp is an ongoing SaaS subscription. Pricing includes a one-time implementation fee and ongoing monthly fees.

The pricing below represents the minimum cost of Wisp and is based on square footage of 75,000 square feet or less with core space management functionality. Add-ons and additional square footage will result in a price increase.

One-time implementation fee                   $6,250

Ongoing Monthly subscription fee          $600

Unlimited User Licenses                               $0

Tiered Pricing

We offer tiered pricing which reduces the cost per square foot as volume increases.

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Our process begins with a brief phone conversation to learn more about your unique goals and challenges. We will then work with you to provide pricing that will encompass your needs and future goals.

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