Case Studies

Facilitating a Corporate Headquarters Relocation

Toyota Motor North America

Wisp is a great tool for helping us understand where we have opportunities and where we may run the risk of being too tight on space.

– Workplace Strategy Manager, Real Estate and Facilities, Toyota

Moving 4,800 employees across the country was streamlined by having the right tools and processes in place.

When longtime Wisp client Toyota initiated the relocation of its North American headquarters from Torrance, California to Plano, Texas there were a lot of boxes to check—and pack—to get the job done, including the logistics of moving 4,800 employees across the country.

While the new headquarters was under construction, the real estate and facilities team used Wisp to create interactive departmental blocking scenarios for the new space.

After a scenario was selected, the lines of business were engaged to create proposed seating charts using the Group Placement Utility. With blocking and seating completed in Wisp, a final move sheet was exported for the move team to prepare each employees’ station for day one.

Today, all employees benefit from wayfinding in Wisp to locate colleagues, conference rooms, collaboration spaces and more. The real estate and facilities team interacts with Wisp on a daily basis to manage employee churn with move management tools and access real time reporting for key metrics such as occupancy counts, vacant seat analysis, benchmark analyses, square footage details, density, space type distribution, and more.

Services provided

  • Wayfinding
  • Move management
  • Life safety plans
  • Parking assignments
  • Ergonomic equipment tracking
  • Group placement
  • CAD updates
  • Real-time reporting
  • Email notifications
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