Case Studies

Managing 20 Million Square Feet of Drawings

Global Technology Company

A team of Gensler CAD specialists was dedicated to maintaining the client's 20 million square foot portfolio.

With a global portfolio of 20 million square feet, a client was struggling to maintain consistent CAD drawings of all its owned and leased spaces. It enlisted Gensler to provide ongoing drawing management and standardization services. The four-years of work spanned 6 continents and 115 countries.

Applying the appropriate measurement standard and criteria across a portfolio of drawings is tantamount to the success of building measurement analysis. Consistent application of a standard is just as important for generating reliable information, benchmarking, and conducting real estate transactions.

A team of Gensler CAD specialists was dedicated to maintaining the client’s drawing portfolio and worked with the property management team on a daily basis. Beginning with up-to-date CAD drawings, Gensler applied industry standards to derive accurate space measurements.

As changes were made to real estate over time, due to design or architectural changes, furniture change, and acquisition or disposal of properties, Gensler maintained the accuracy of all floor plan CAD drawings. This assured that the client was always interacting with up-to-date real estate information—used for day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning.

Services provided

  • Drawing Implementation
  • Drawing Standardization
  • Drawing Management
  • Best Practice Training
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