Case Studies

From an Acquisition to Daily Reporting

A “top 10 largest” law firm

During the consolidation of two portfolios, the client benefited from interactive space planning with Wisp.

Mergers and acquisitions pose unique challenges for real estate and facilities teams, who are often tasked with the logistics of blending space and occupants from different cultures.

When a global law firm acquired another firm, it was introduced to Wisp—which the acquired firm had been using to manage its workplace since 2008.

During the consolidation of offices, the client used Wisp’s scenario modules to plan and transition occupants into their new spaces. The interactive features in Wisp saved time, increased collaboration, and provided the platform for ongoing space and occupancy management.

After the move, the client loaded the rest of its global portfolio into Wisp, providing an interactive wayfinding system accessible by all occupants.

Like most law firms, space-types are dedicated to partners based on credentials and tenure. To visualize this information we created a report and colorizer to illustrate the space-types in each building and identify if people are sitting in spaces that were designed for them. The colorizer provides a floor-by-floor visual, and a refreshed report can be generated in a few clicks.

Today, Wisp has became the backbone for managing space and occupancy. The client’s regional representatives meet weekly with their Wisp Advisor to establish processes for managing the space consistently across the globe, announce process updates, roll out new initiatives, and collaborate—a strategy that the client has found very successful.

Services provided

  • Space Planning
    • Block Scenarios
    • Seating Assignment Scenarios
  • Wayfinding
  • Colorizers
  • Customized Reports
  • Process Consulting
  • Ongoing Advisory Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
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